He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor… (I Sam 2:8)

Pastor Pushparaj
Founder – Arts for Christ

Placed in a small village in Periyapalayam in Thiruvallur district, Pastor Pushparaj is serving the Lord with his wife and two sons as a family.

Having accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 21, he had been using his talent as an artist for serving the Lord. God is using him mightily for the expansion of the Gospel ministry.

He is being used by GEMS (Bihar) and UVBS (Trichy)in drawing attractive pictures of missionaries’ biography, which has touched many thousands of young lives. He strongly believes that, there would be a great move in spreading the gospel if only every talents of an artist were utilized for Christ alone. With this vision he commenced ARTS4CHRIST ministry and have motivated many young people. Moreover, he conducts‘Art Workshop’, to identify an artist in every church and emphasize the importance of artistry in ministry.

In order to motivate and accelerate youngsters to implement their God given talents for Jesus, he organizes YOUTH RETREATS and expounds about the blessings and success of yielding to the Lord’s service. Motivational words from his life’s experience and testimonies area great source of spiritual enlightening for the youth.

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