Creating awareness to the Church leaders about GOSPEL through ART.
Spreading the Gospel through art can cross all the boundaries of nation, language, education, etc…
and enables anyone to comprehend easily. Hence churches are emphasized to motivate children
who are talented to draw in spreading Gospel through them.
Especially the importance of Art of Drawing in the Gospel ministry is highlighted in contrast to the Music field that is prioritized by churches today!
From Sunday school syllabus to theological studies the effective role played by drawings is known to all. We deeply believe that just like Bezalel,who was appointed to perform the artistry work in the tabernacle, every church is given a Bezalel whom the church has to identify.
If a breakthrough is to happen in Christian media, talented persons should not be enslaved to the pride of the earth,
but surrender to the Lord’s service. By doing so the speed of the gospel ministry
can be more effectiveis what ARTS4CHRIST is trying to emphasize.